Revisiting (again)

At the risk of making more silly, grand declarations about the utility of Internet services (which I’m probably prone to do), I’ve started taking another look at Something about @Manton’s announcement about the v2 update caught my attention. The update is very nice, and my recent posts were really nicely cross-posted to Twitter.

That’s probably a bit of an arbitrary statement, although given how easy it is to publish a quick post to from my phone, I really like the idea of using my MB blog for quick status updates that share nicely to Twitter (FWIW).

I’m not ready to give up my WordPress sites (that’s not really the end goal here). At the same time, it’s easier to send out a quick update with, as much as the mobile app has grown over the years. One set of features in the v2.0 update that I really like are the Bookmarks and highlights features. The highlights feature, in particular, reminds me of how Instapaper handled/handles sharing highlights.

Anyway, just a quick, non-Grand_Declarations, FYI.

Paul Jacobson @pauljacobson